Who is C & L Cleaning Services?

C & L Cleaning Services is a locally-owned and managed commercial cleaning company based in Galesburg, Illinois. Founded by co-owners Crystal Galloway and Linda Burford, C & L Cleaners offers comprehensive cleaning services to businesses in Knox county and the surrounding areas. If you are a business owner or manager operating in our area and looking for the best in commercial cleaning services, you’ve come to the right place!

Why choose C & L?

At C& L Cleaning Services, we take pride in our team and what we do. That’s because we do the best job possible, every time we go to work. Our dedication to quality cleaning – and attention to detail – means that you can trust our team members to keep your business in top condition!

Your priorities are our priorities. When we discuss our cleaning services with a new client, we make sure that we understand exactly what you want from us. That way, we know that we are providing you the best quality service possible – we clean what you want us to clean, as often (and as thoroughly) as you want us to clean it! It’s just that simple!

Finally, when you work with C & L Cleaning Services, there’s no binding clause or contract forcing you to continue business with us. If we’re ever unable to provide the level of service you expect of a commercial cleaning company, or if your circumstances change, then you’re free to step away from our services then and there.

We believe in ourselves – and we’re confident in our ability to make you believe in us too!

Are you a business looking for a commercial cleaning company in the Knox county area?

We want to work together with you!

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