Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets may be the single most difficult item within your entire business to keep clean. Foot traffic, air movement and pollution, sun damage—your carpets are under assault all the time! Even worse, carpeted floors represent a pretty substantial investment. One you don’t want to have to pay again for as long as possible. For these reasons, routine carpet cleaning and a robust maintenance program are vital to the longevity and look of your business’ carpets. 

Are you looking for professional-quality carpet cleaning for your Galesburg or Knox County business? C & L Cleaning Services is happy to provide! For over 15 years we’ve been the experienced commercial cleaners that local businesses can count on for unmatched quality and guaranteed results. 

Do you need a commercial carpet cleaner in Galesburg, Kewanee, Monmouth, or the surrounding areas of Knox County, IL? Call 309 368-6170 or contact us online for a FREE consultation!

The Benefits of Routine Carpet Cleaning

  • Extend the lifespan of your carpets by years
  • Reduce odd odors from ground-in grime
  • Keep your carpets looking their best
  • Improve overall indoor air quality
  • Reduce the presence of air pollutants and dust in your business

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Galesburg and Monmouth, IL

At C & L Cleaning Services we’re focused on providing our clients with both consistent carpet maintenance and care, and in-depth carpet cleaning for stubborn dirt and grime. Our vacuuming services coincide with routine commercial cleaning services for daily carpet care, and for more extensive issues, or to freshen up the look of your office, we offer bonnet carpet cleaning services. 

Contact C & L to find out more about business carpet cleaning in Galesburg and Knox County, Illinois!

Does Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Replace Steam Cleaning?

It does not! Carpet vacuuming, bonnet cleaning, and steam cleaning all play an important role in the look and longevity of your commercial carpets, as well as their level of sanitation. However, one thing that many commercial cleaners fail to mention is that steam cleaning doesn’t need to be done very often. Once every year to 6 months is plenty for the majority of businesses, barring some unusual circumstances or extreme levels of foot traffic.  

Doing steam cleaning too often can fade and damage your carpets, and instead you should look to routine vacuuming and occasional bonnet carpet cleaning to keep your carpets maintained.   

Should My Carpets Be Vacuumed Daily?

Absolutely. Or rather, it’s ideal. In rooms where foot traffic happens daily, the amount of dust and dirt that infiltrates the space and settles into your carpets may surprise you. Fabrics love to grab onto and hold pollutants, which results in dingy, gross carpets and poor indoor air quality.  How often any type of cleaning should be done depends very heavily on what the space is, what it’s used for, and how frequently it’s exposed to dust, dirt, and grime.

This is why we offer a free consultation on every service. We’re focused on giving you what services your business actually needs!

Business and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Northern Illinois

Are you worried that the look of your business’ carpets might be driving off business? Call on C & L Cleaning Services for a carpet evaluation! We want to help in any way we can, and we’re happy to provide routine vacuuming, bonnet carpet cleaning, and more to all of our clients. 

For commercial carpet cleaning in Galesburg, IL contact C & L online, or call 309 368-6170 to speak with a project manager today!

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