In our long time as a commercial and office cleaning company we’ve been asked tons of questions. And we have no problem with that at all! Sharing knowledge and interacting with our clients is great, and we’re happy to offer answers to any questions you may have. That said, sometimes you need an answer fast, and don’t have time to call or connect. 

That’s fine, too — that’s precisely what this page is for!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Building Cleaning

Is daily carpet vacuuming important? 

The honest answer to this question depends on how frequently the space in question is used, what it’s used for, and how much foot traffic it experiences on a day to day basis. For most office environments, medical facilities, and banks this is a yes. Daily vacuuming and carpet care minimizes carpet fading and damage, and removes a tremendous amount of dust from your facility’s air.

Does my business need dusting daily?

It depends on a few factors, but most businesses can benefit from daily dusting. Not only can this improve air quality in your business, but daily dusting also keeps dust and air pollutants from finding their way to fabrics, your HVAC and ventilation equipment, and other surfaces that love to collect dirt.

How do I get rid of stains?

Stain removal is something we very strongly recommend you leave up to your cleaning professionals, whether that be our team or another! The problem is that the answer to this question depends on what caused the stain, what surface got stained, and how long the stain has been there. Answering these questions dictates what you use to clean the stain, if cleaning is an option at all. Using the wrong solution could result in considerable damage that will require repair or replacement — a problem we often see with improper linoleum and commercial hard surface floor cleaning.  

Can routine cleaning improve indoor air quality? 

The EPA estimates that indoor air is anywhere from 3 to 5 times more dense with pollutants than that of outdoor air. If you work in an office environment or a medical facility, this stat is a huge deal. While many factors play into improving indoor air quality in your business, routine cleaning can absolutely play a part. Daily cleaning means dust, dander, skin cells, and pollen don’t build up in your building. This translates to less junk in your air, and less dust circulating through your HVAC and ventilation systems!

Frequently Asked Questions About C & L Cleaning Services

Do you charge for commercial cleaning services by the hour?

Our quotes are generated completely based on each individual client. We take into account the size of the space, how the space is used, and what sort of services need doing. From there we discuss your particular cleaning preferences and needs, and then provide a quote. We do not do a flat, hourly rate. We feel that this is unfair to our clients, as hourly rates frequently engender sub-par cleaning standards — folks either going too fast, or too slow. We aim to make our services just right. That’s why we offer a free consultation and quote for every new client!

What areas do you provide cleaning services for?

Our cleaning services extend to a service area that encompasses Galesburg, Knoxville, Monmouth, Abingdon, Kewanee, and many of the surrounding communities. For a full list of the areas we offer office cleaning services to, check our dedicated service area page!

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