5 Reasons for a Business Owner to Change their Commercial Cleaning Companies

Change can be hard. For many of us, we like to stick with what we know – what’s comfortable and familiar – even if it isn’t what’s best! For a business, more than anyone, it’s important to know when to stick with something and when it’s time to make a change. This includes making the decision to change commercial cleaning companies (or the decision to hire a commercial cleaning company over utilizing in-house cleaners for the first time). 

Today, we’re going  to give you some ideas on when it might be best to change commercial cleaning companies – or at least give the idea some consideration!

Your company deserves the best of the best in quality commercial cleaning service. Are you ready for a change? Contact us at C & L Cleaning Services today, and ask what we can do for your Galesburg area business!

1. Pricing Problems

When it comes to what you’re paying for a product or service, you want nothing less than absolute clarity, right? Nothing is more frustrating than looking at a bill and not knowing how a company arrived at the price you are paying! With commercial cleaning companies, it’s easy to accept that you aren’t going to know where every single service charge is coming from – but why? We expect transparency with these sorts of transactions from most every business we deal with! Why not our business cleaning companies? 

One reason a business may have for changing commercial cleaning companies would be that they are dissatisfied with the price they are getting: either they feel it is unfair (and it very well may be!) or they feel like they don’t know exactly what they are paying for, or why. That is why getting quotes from your commercial cleaning company is so important – quotes let you know exactly what you should expect to pay, for what service, and how your cleaner came to that conclusion!

2. Quality Control

Our second reason for why a business may consider switching commercial cleaning companies lies in quality control. When you hire an outside, third-party commercial cleaning service for your business, you are usually promised a certain quality of service. This is outlined in the quote you receive, and reflected at the end of the day in the bill you are expected to pay!

However, it is easy for commercial cleaners to let this quality slip over time. Cleaning is something of a subjective service, and it is a slippery slope when your cleaners begin to cut corners or take shortcuts with their cleaning routine. If you notice the quality of the cleaning you are receiving changes from day to day, or is simply in a steady decline as your commercial cleaning company begins to feel secure in their belief that you aren’t going to replace them, it may be time to consider a switch. 

You want a commercial cleaning company whose quality they present to you at first is the same quality you will be receiving a month, a year, or even a decade down the line. 

3. Professionalism

Like any business, the difference between a good commercial cleaning company and a bad one lies in having the right people. If your business cleaners are hiring anyone who comes in and setting them to work without any training or experience, then the odds are good that the quality of service isn’t going to be acceptable for industry standard. 

A proper level of professionalism and experience should be expected of any employee, especially those who are often working without supervision and in buildings that are not their own. If you notice that your commercial cleaning company has trouble hiring and retaining employees, or if you notice that the employees your commercial cleaning service uses do not seem to have the right skillset for the job, then you may want to reconsider your partnership with them.

4. Security Lapses

The safety and security of your company is probably extremely important to you – and your commercial cleaning company should respect this. Most of the time, your commercial cleaning service is operating outside of your business’s hours, and that means that they become responsible for keeping your buildings secure. You should be able to trust your commercial cleaner to keep your business every bit as secure as your employees do on a routine basis. 

A business who has dealt with multiple, or frequent security lapses from their cleaner should recognize that this is a serious problem, and one that should not be dismissed. If your commercial cleaners cannot maintain proper security protocols as they perform their tasks, then it may be time to find a cleaner who can.

5. Poor communication

Mistakes happen: that’s a fact of life. We all encounter difficulties, unusual problems, and various hiccups throughout our careers. It’s how a business deals with these problems as they occur that dictates what kind of company they are. Most of us would agree that proper communication is paramount to a healthy relationship between a client and a business. You want communication to be open and honest. You want to be told about issues ahead of time if possible, as they arise if not, and never after the fact. 

A commercial cleaning company that is unable to properly communicate with their client is hard to trust, and trust is very important when you’re hiring an outside third party to maintain your business’s environment and aesthetics! You need to know that you will be informed of any potential changes in service protocols, of any possible billing alterations, of times where you may expect fluctuations in quality of service. 

Similarly, you should be able to reach out and connect with your cleaner whenever you need to speak with them on business matters, whenever you need a change in services, or if you need to voice a question or concern. Open channels of communication will allow you and your commercial cleaning service to do your jobs more comfortably.

Are you considering a change in your commercial cleaners? C & L Cleaning Services is your quality source for comprehensive business cleaning services! We provide superior cleaning to medical facilities, banks, retail businesses and more in the Galesburg and Knox County areas. 

Call us today by dialing 309 368-6170, or contact us online to get your FREE, no obligation quote! 

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