How to Make the Most of a Commercial Cleaning Company

Utilized properly, a commercial cleaning company can save your business time, money, and a whole lot of effort! When you hire a commercial cleaner, however, it’s important to know what you’re doing. In order to make the most of a commercial cleaner for your office, facility, or business, you should go in with a plan, and keep these tips in mind!

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Clear Communication

There’s no way we can stress enough the importance of clear communication when it comes to making the most out of any third-party service – but especially your cleaning company! When you hire a commercial cleaner, make sure you know upfront who to contact and how to get ahold of them in the event that you have a cleaning need or an issue to be taken care of! 

Wondering if there’s a different line to try in the event of a cleaning emergency? Ask your commercial cleaning service upfront! Ask for a primary and secondary contact if at all possible, and ask the pertinent questions when you meet for your quote: how do you decide prices? How often do you clean? What do you clean, and what materials will you use? If we need emergency cleaning or extra service, how fast can we expect a response from you? If our needs change, how will we handle a re-quote?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – in fact, a good commercial cleaning service will appreciate it, as it makes sure everything is laid out clearly between you.

Know your priorities

When you are discussing your business with your new commercial cleaning service, make sure that you know what your priorities are! If you can, go through your building (or buildings) and take notes on what you want done, and where. Make a priority system, and take special note of areas that may need special care, specific products, or that you want given more attention. This way, when your commercial cleaner gets to work, you both know what’s important – your priorities will be properly aligned!

If, after some time, you notice that attention seems lacking in certain areas – or your own priorities change, for whatever reason – don’t hesitate to let your commercial cleaner know. The sooner you tell them, the sooner they can make the appropriate changes to their service. Remember, your commercial cleaner can’t service your business to the best of their abilities without knowing what you need from them!

Be proactive, not reactive

Taking a proactive approach to interacting with your commercial cleaning company will save you not only time, but money – and a lot of headaches. It’s never a good idea to procrastinate, and reacting to bad news is always worse than proactively working to avoid bad news in the first place. 

Consider scheduling regular meetings with your commercial cleaning company to review your needs and their services. This will also allow you to regularly discuss necessary adjustments to your services, review the quantity and quality of work you are receiving, handle inventory management if that is a concern, and adjust your quote regularly as your business’s needs change. 

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One thought on “How to Make the Most of a Commercial Cleaning Company

  1. I like your suggestion to have regular meetings with the cleaning company to discuss any concerns or needed changes. My brother wants to hire a cleaning service to maintain the multi-story office building he just started leasing by the highway. This advice should help him develop a good relationship with whatever office cleaning service he ends up choosing!


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